The Traverse City area is quickly becoming a foodie's paradise bringing new restaurants, local wholesaler food-startups, and mobile-eateries to the spotlight.  Center City Kitchen aims to encourage entrepreneurship and stellar food production by offering an affordable shared commercial incubation kitchen with shared resources, support, and technical assistance.  CCK is the ideal space for newbies-to-the-food-world and seasoned-chefs alike.

Whether you are looking to launch a new yummy product in to the market or wanting to inspire others by teaching a cooking class, CCK is your space.  

CCK may be your launch pad to greatness or your just-right space to call home. Either way, we are here to support you throughout your venture.      

Kitchen Amenities

Commercial oven
Induction cooktops
Reach-in refrigerators
3 compartment sink
Mop sink with cleaning supplies
Hand washing sink
Storage for equipment, small wares
Storage for dry food
Food truck or STFU commissary

Business Services

Business address
Mail & package deliveries
Vendor deliveries
Staging for video production
Meeting areas and work spaces
Space for cooking classes
Client presentation area


Event Rentals

Our Incubator Kitchen is also available for private and public events. Please give us a call for pricing and availability.


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